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Pukka Golf

Up for a challenge? Race against the clock in this fast paced take on golf!

In Pukka Golf, you can take shots while the ball is still moving. Speed through 100+ levels and compete for best times against your friends!

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Pukka Golf is one of the most polished and enjoyable physics-based golf games available on any digital marketplace.

The quality of the level design can't be overstated. ... Pukka Golf will keep me busy for plenty of bus rides to come.

Pukka Golf packs everything that you would want from a great mobile title. ... The game had me hooked right off the bat and will probably remain installed on my tablet until I have earned every single star.

There is no shortage of fun in the Pukka Golf app with more than 100 levels of challenges available. ... fast-paced from the start, addictive, and highly entertaining.

We’ve played plenty of golf games over the years, and a new one called Pukka Golf has quickly become one of our favorites.