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Kabot Lab Ltd.

Kabot Lab was formed as an independent game development studio in 2014 during the development of Pukka Golf. Since forming the company, Ivan got a real job and now develops games as a hobby. Ivan is based in Oxfordshire, UK.

Ivan Oates: programmer / game designer

After studying Software Engineering, I worked for a while in tech support before diving head first into game development. In 2013, I started using Unity and eventually came up with the concept for Pukka Golf. I now work as a software developer and create games in my spare time.

Partners and co-developers

Daniel Pitts: co-developer for Pukka Golf

In addition to creating most of the levels in Pukka Golf, Daniel was involved in refining the game design and core mechanics. Daniel has worked in the game industry for over a decade on many AAA titles. In 2011, Daniel left the AAA industry to be an independent game developer.